Personalized Bedtime Stories

Where empathy takes center stage, and magical storytelling comes to life.

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Enhance Emotional Intelligence

Empathy-based bedtime stories help children develop emotional intelligence by promoting empathy, understanding, and emotional awareness.

Inclusive Representation

Enjoy stories featuring characters from diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities, fostering inclusivity and promoting acceptance among children.

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Personalized Storytelling

Create a personal library of unique stories tailored to your child's growth, needs, and interests, fostering a stronger bond and a love for reading.

Free Trial with Limitless Imagination

Experience the magic with up to 3 free stories, allowing your child's imagination to soar and discover the transformative power of bedtime storytelling.

Craft extraordinary and lasting memories while imparting invaluable life lessons with AI-powered empathy stories, shaping meaningful moments with your child.
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Story combinations built-in
Empathy-based stories perfect for bedtime
Free stories to get started
Connection with your child
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Choose where you'd like your adventure to happen

Choose your adventure setting and spark their imagination. From magical realms to captivating landscapes, let their dreams take flight.


Select your hero, or customize to include your child!

Choose the hero or customize with your child's name and short description of their likeness, creating a magical adventure just for them.


Choose the lesson or moral of the story

Shape character with chosen morals. Instill important values as you select the lessons woven into each captivating story. Inspire growth and empathy.


The kids love the pictures it generates and the fun characters and story lines. It also works great just as a way to get them to practice reading and expand their vocabulary

What a beautiful way to spread the message of empathy to our children. The graphic and artistic design of the stories are brilliant and colorful. Looking forward to creating more creative stories and sharing the message of empathy with my children!

This app tells unique bedtime stories, helping my kids learn about emotions and appreciate diversity. The free stories were engaging, and I've seen my kids becoming kinder and more understanding. It's more than an app - it's an adventure in empathy and learning every night. Highly recommend!

Love to generate these stories at night to tie in an important lesson from the day. Such a cool use of AI technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a free trial of our app. New users can experience the magic with up to 3 unique stories completely free of charge. It's a great way to explore the world of empathy-based storytelling and see firsthand how our app can enhance your child's bedtime routine.

Artemis AI is designed to cater to children aged 2 to 9. However, the messages of empathy and understanding in our stories can be beneficial for older children and adults as well.

Story tokens are the currency you use to generate stories on Artemis. Each new user receives 3 free tokens, and additional tokens can be purchased in packs. The more you buy, the more you save. Each story costs 1 or more tokens, depending on the options chosen.

If you run out of story tokens, don't worry! You can easily replenish your tokens through in-app purchases. We offer various token packages to suit your needs.

Artemis uses advanced AI moderation techniques to review any custom input from users. This ensures that all generated stories remain age-appropriate and uphold our mission of fostering empathy and emotional intelligence. If Artemis detects any inappropriate content, it will be removed from the story.

We're continually working to improve and expand Artemis AI. Based on user feedback and advancements in AI, we plan to introduce more features and story options in the future.

Yes, we often announce special offers, promotions, and token giveaways through our social media channels. Connect with us on social media and be the first to know about exciting opportunities to enhance your child's bedtime experience.

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